Design Research

My portfolio includes projects from school, internships, and freelance/volunteer work. Since the details of most of the projects are  under strict NDA, I have provided what I can share for now.

SupportHITStandards northrop-grumman-logo  352505118d3dc4d84d314d7fccf51c08    download (2)  Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 10.09.36 AM.png 3fe6027858667.55e61091bc63d download.jpeg  download (1).jpeg

  • UX Consulting on SSA systems

Company: Northrop Grummannorthrop-grumman-logo

Project: Multi-UX research projects and longitudinal strategy

Role: UX Research Specialist in the UXG group.

Methods: As-Is/To-Be Analysis, Storyboards, Conceptual Models,User Interviews, Personas, Scenarios, Paper-pencil prototype, Low fidelity, High Fidelity, Axure, Remote Testing

  • IBM’s Pain Prediction & Measuring Tool

2013-05-15-03-01-28-IBMCompany: IBM Research

Project: Research and Design of a Consumer App for Pain Prediction .

Role: UX Research Scientist.

Methods: Contextual Inquiry, Scientific Method, Usability Testing, Interviews, Prototyping with POP, Patenting.

  • IBM’s Cognitive App Sizing Tool 

Company: IBM Researchdownload

Project: Research and Design of a Mobile App Sizing Tool

Role: UX Research Scientist

Methods: Contextual Inquiry, Scientific Method, Usability Testing, Stakeholder Interviews.

  • Google Photo Close-ties Sharing Feature

Company: Alphabet Inc.

3fe6027858667.55e61091bc63dProject: UX research for Close-ties photo sharing platform.

Role: UX research lead.

Methods: Surveys, Cafe Studies, Ethnographic Studies, Motion Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, In-lab Usability testing, Contextual Inquiry, Think Aloud.

Close-ties sharing is

  • Brain Fitness games for Older Adults

Company: UMBC Department of Information Systemsdissertations.jpg

Project: PhD Dissertation Research

Role: Lead UX Researcher

Methods:  Benchmarking, Design Comparisons, Thinkaloud, Games UX research, Field Study, Thematic Content Analysis. 

  • UserWork UX Specialist

Company: UserWorks Consulting

Project: Multi-UX projects

Role: UX Research Consultant

Methods: Content Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Remote Usability Testing, Tree Jacking,  In-lab Usability Testing, participant Recruiting.

  • ONC-HIT Patient Safety And Usability Team SupportHITStandards

Company: Department of Health and Human Services

Project: Patient Safety and Quality Policies, Quality Metrics Research

Role: UX Fellow

Methods: Grant writing, stakeholder forums, literature review, Interviews

  • Usability Testing of Medical Device (Diabetes Injectable Pen)

Company: Armstrong Institute for Patient Safetydownload

Project: Usability testing and evaluation on diabetes injectable pen

Role: Usability Researcher

Methods: Heuristic Evaluation, Surveys, In-lab usability testing, Focus Groups

  • Academic Research Projects  

download (2) Company: University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Project: Class projects, Thesis, Course papers 

Role: Human-Computer Interaction Student

Methods: Design review, Graphic design, Proposal writing, Heuristic Evaluation, Prototyping and Design, Ideation

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