The shenanigans of a groupchat!

downloadIn my attempt to better understand the online group chat construct and its role in strengthen group communication, I tried to first answer the following; Does having many friends on social media make one a man of many friends? Does lurking make make one insecure? Does membership to a private group chats make one special? Does having whatsApp group make group members best friends? Does the lack thereof dissolve actual group friendship? Do group chat fights ‘die’ a natural death? Does confidential information posted on these chat stay confidential? Does humble bragging on these forums yield any results?

I don’t know! I cannot understand!

Nonetheless, these I know; Friends will always be friends! Social constructs like friendship  cannot be fully modeled on technology cannot fully model on social platforms like WhatsApp. BFFs is an elusive construct. The best friend you have, may have a best friend who is not you. As the number of membership in a group increases, sub-groups are inevitably formed; there is no control over that. Group chat fights, sarcasm, emojis, and apologies are real. Do not underestimate them. Better yet, assume nothing!

To this reflection, I say thank you but no thank you to group chats. I will rather keep my thoughts in my head. I will forever claim the title “the one who always read what everyone says but will never comment anything“. I will rather have a hearty phone call; two way, three way. Because at the end of the day, true friendship will always last. Friends will always be friends!

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