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Operation “Flood the Gates” for Faculty Diversity: APPLY. #ThinkBigDiversity

Renetta Garrison Tull - Living Life Online

One of the issues that we’re tackling within the ivory tower is the need for faculty diversity. Some programs are beginning to make strides with undergraduate college completion among people from underrepresented groups, and we continue to work on broadening participation of graduate students and postdoctoral trainees in STEM fields. However, the composition of college faculty is one of the remaining bastions of the old guard, one that is has very little diversity especially in STEM fields, and particularly in areas such as engineering and computer science.

Combat the deficit, flood the gates

I would like to issue a challenge, or perhaps it should be a charge to diverse students and postdocs, especially in STEM fields: flood the gates. Apply for the open faculty positions. Here are 7 reasons why you should apply for open faculty positions, beyond the fact that the numbers of diverse faculty are sparse.

  1. 100% fail without…

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